Pediatric Dentistry

Expert Care for Your Children’s Dental Health


At Pediatric Dental Specialists–Grand Island, we have created a welcoming, kid-focused atmosphere. Our services are completely tailored to the unique needs of children. We’re fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated team trained specifically in pediatric dentistry. They go above and beyond to make sure your child has a great dental experience.

Pediatric Dental Specialists–Grand Island is a trusted partner in your child’s oral health. We enjoy working closely with parents to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of good habits. We always use the latest technology to ensure the highest level of care and comfort for our young patients. That includes digital X-rays instead of traditional films for a safer, more comfortable experience for your child.

Preventive Care


At the heart of Pediatric Dental Specialists–Grand Island’s approach is a commitment to preventive care. This is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy smile. We encourage parents to bring their children in for a dental evaluation every six months. This allows our dental team to identify any underlying problems, treat them early, and ensure they don’t become severe issues.

Professional dental cleanings are also part of these appointments. It’s so important to keep a child’s teeth healthy—even baby teeth that will fall out eventually. The baby teeth play an important role in your child’s development and are worth saving until their permanent teeth are ready to emerge. Treatments such as fluoride varnish and dental sealants help prevent decay in these little teeth. Our expert team will also provide you with guidance about at-home hygiene routines to help keep your child’s mouth healthy.

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Sedation Dentistry


We offer nitrous oxide in our office for children who just need a little bit of help calming their nerves during treatment. Sedation dentistry is also available for children who need some extra assistance to feel calm and relaxed. This is especially useful for children apprehensive about extractions or who are undergoing complex treatments. The team at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Grand Island partners with an experienced anesthesiologist at Nebraska Dental Anesthesia for in-office sedation. Hastings Surgical Center and Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital is where we schedule outpatient and complex procedures. Together, we will ensure your child is safe and comfortable throughout their appointment.

Tooth-Colored Fillings


Aesthetics are important in dentistry, and we understand that young patients may feel self-conscious or wonder if others will notice their new fillings. However, dental fillings have come a long way. We offer tooth-colored fillings so we can color-match them to suit your child’s natural smile. This means no one will know your child even has fillings unless you tell them! This can bring great comfort to a self-conscious child who is concerned about significant changes to their looks and smile.

Dental Bonding


The adventures of childhood can often lead to dental mishaps: chips, cracks, discoloration, or other minor damage. With dental bonding, these imperfections are easily fixable so your child can keep smiling. Dental bonding can also help fill small gaps between teeth. We start by color-matching composite resin material to ensure the bonding blends into the natural smile. Then their pediatric dentist will carefully bond, shape, and polish the composite to restore the teeth so they look as good as new.

Pulp Therapy


Damaged pulp can be very painful for a child. The pulp is a vital component of the tooth that contains connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. When it becomes compromised and inflammation or infection is present, urgent attention is required. Pulp therapy is a treatment that restores the inner part of the tooth back to good health. The dentist will gently remove all damaged tissue and thoroughly clean the tooth before sealing it to prevent further complications.

Mouth Guards


Safeguarding your child’s smile is essential, especially if they love to participate in contact sports and physical activities. Mouth guards cushion the teeth to prevent damage in the event of a sports injury. If you would like to have a custom mouth guard made for your child, it is a simple process. We take digital impressions of your child’s mouth so that we can create a perfectly fitting mouth guard that is both functional and comfortable. With the help of their new mouth guard, your child will be able to continue with their favorite activities safely, which is a great feeling for them and for you.

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PDS is all around great! My kiddo is so comfortable coming here and always has fun! Plus the care they provide is top notch!


Dental Crowns


Pediatric dental crowns provide support and stability to damaged baby teeth. They also help protect the teeth from future damage and decay. We most often use stainless steel dental crowns. This is because it can withstand the rigors of childhood activities. Stainless steel is particularly effective at protecting the molars where the potential for wear and tear is greatest. As your child loses their baby teeth, the stainless steel crowns will come out with them. Tooth-colored crowns are also available in cases where aesthetics are a concern.

Tooth Extractions


The team at Pediatric Dental Specialists–Grand Island always tries to preserve a child’s natural teeth. However, there are instances where this is just not possible and an extraction is necessary to protect the remaining teeth. Issues that may result in an extraction include severe decay or other extensive damage. We understand the idea of an extraction can cause anxiety for children and parents. However, our team approaches extractions like all of our treatments: with gentle care and a focus on keeping our little patients as comfortable as possible.

Pediatric Dental Specialists–Grand Island is here to support your child’s healthy smile!

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